There's more to starting a career than finding a job.


Would You Rather... 

explore your skills, interests, and options to help plan your career direction 


feel confused and anxious about your future?

Whether you're planning to attend a college or vocational school, step right into the workforce, or haven't decided yet, 


We'll figure it out together!

Student Career Insights

provides unique resources to help students make mindful decisions about their professional future.



your skills, values, interests, and options to guide you in the right direction.



yourself with the skills you need to be successful in any walk of life.



with the professional community.



Rachel N.

Teacher, College and Careers Rhetoric III - IV

     Student Career Insights is an easy-to-follow curriculum that incorporates fun things for students. Unlike some other career courses, Student Career Insights' lessons, assignments, and assessments are designed for personal reflection and growth.

     Great discussion questions and journal entries prompted my students to think about, discuss, and debate their beliefs about what may be ahead in their professional future and how they can achieve their goals.

Joann S.

Homeschool Parent

My family used your books in 2022-23 - so fabulous!! There are so many lessons - life-long lessons - to get to know yourself so you can pursue the right career path.

I am so thankful for your books! I can totally recommend them not only for career help, but for life help. The skills to listen and speak to so many different people are so necessary and were a huge help to me when my mother was in the hospital.

Everyone should have a copy of your book and review it often!

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You need to know who you are before you can figure out where you're going...


Examine the three units within EXPLORE

  • Who Am I?
  • Where Am I Going? 
  • How Do I Get There?
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Materials included:

  • How we can help
  • A comprehensive Table of Contents
  • Examples of assessments and assignments from each course.

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